about something or another:

futile frenzy is a collective of perpetuated stories of day to day occurrences with an invisible friend named robert junior, a journey to the subconscious, and a boy who just won't grow up. like peter pan , but without the tights.



an average, sarcastic guy at heart, his constant t.v. abuse as a child created an embodiment of an imaginary being. because of this, he is picked last at recess.

even though t.v. was a moderately successful parent figure, he has began on a march into madness.

tim specializes in underwater basket weaving, throwing horseshoes, throwing a fit, and happens to deal a mean deck of cards. the man also enjoys music, and was under the distinct delusion that he is unique because of this.


robert junior

the embodiment from tim's imagination, robert was orphaned at the age of 14 when tim beat robert sr with a toaster while on an escalator. he fell down the stairs for 45 minutes.

junior has now taken over as tim's right hand man and often attempts to provide a voice of reason. but, being a figment of his imagination, he is often chastised and ignored for it.

robert is also an illuminated alcoholic and has an immense brewery in the backyard, where he currently holds AA meetings.


doctor smithy

neighbor to the boy and his beast; smithy, PhD, usually is seen locked into his basement twirling a mustache that isn't there

three steps below the rung of diabolical, smithy creates events that are just plain uncomfortable rather than infamous.